Fiber Distribution / Management

Fiber Distribution / Management

Our customers use a variety of fiber management products from many different manufacturers, depending on the environment they are working in, so we offer products from OFS (the former Lucent LGX line), Sumitomo, ADC, Multilink, Corning, Clearfield, Bejed, AFL, and others. 

We stock rack mount enclosures for 19" or 23" racks, supporting from 48 to 144 fibers.  Other rack and wall mount configurations are readily available and in many cases can be delivered in one or two days.  We stock adapter plates for SC, SC duplex, LC, LC duplex, ST, and FC, both loaded and unloaded.

Enclosures are available for patch, patch and splice, or splice. 

We carry MTP to LC, MT, or SC cassettes for insertion in to fiber enclosures which provide a plug and play solution for higher fiber count network connections.  When combined with our pre-terminated MTP cables you can save time and labor in establishing or extending fiber links.  This is an ideal solution for quickly and easily establishing or extending high speed connections in data centers, computer rooms, or MTSO's.

Products are available for inside or outside use, for the main distribution frame, intermediate frame, closet, or premise.